International Cornea Distribution

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Restore Sight International is dedicated to providing the gift of sight through corneal transplantation around the world.  Restore Sight International works closely with physicians and hospitals to provide corneal tissue for sight restoring corneal transplants.   Working with our Partner Eye Banks we are able to provide corneas to patients who would have no other means of receiving a sight restoring corneal transplant.

In many regions of the world,  corneal blindness is a health problem of epidemic proportions.  According to the World Health Organization,  nearly ten million people around the world live every day in darkness,  suffering from corneal blindness.  Millions  more struggle with visual impairment caused by corneal conditions.

Eye banking  systems do not exist in many parts of the world.  While corneal transplants can be conducted  with relatively little waiting period in the U.S., people in medically underserved countries may wait a  lifetime for corneas to be available.


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